Why we are a Better Placement Consultancy.

Placement consultants play a major and significant role by being the middle person between any corporate companies and candidates seeking jobs.

Most of the multinational and small business outsource the responsibilities of recruitment to placement consultants. It becomes the job of the placement consultancy to ensure that the right candidate is selected for the right role in an organization.

The number of companies turning up to these agents is going on increasing every single day. This is why they are now playing a major role in seeking great importance.

Importance of Placement consultants for corporate companies and small business

Flexible Hiring

Plus point of getting placement consultant on-board is to hire candidates on a payroll for short-term. If there is a requirement for a specific skill set, the placement consultants can put advertisements for any vacant places and find the right candidates for the job.

These candidates are purely based on contract and can leave once a particular project for which they are hired comes to an end.

Making Hiring simple for Clients

Once the company hands over the responsibility of hiring an employee to a job consultant, they need not worry about the most capable candidates get into the organization.

Rest of the things from interviews, tests and the entire screening process is been performed by the recruiters to get the best candidate on-board for clients. Although the final interview is conducted at the company office, this happens only after a candidate gets through all the initial stages.

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Placement consultants likewise guarantee that the names of their customer organizations are kept confidential all through the enrolment procedure. The candidates are normally just given an expansive thought regarding the firm they are being interviewed for, and are given the entire data toward the finish of the fruitful fulfillment of the screening tests and meetings. This confidentiality likewise makes situation experts a most loved of corporate organizations, in any case, if the last is huge or little.

Database History

Placement consultants for corporate companies usually have a huge database of candidate’s information. One any company approaches, they can simply look by the database and come up with several candidates who are capable of the position. Good and established recruitment companies built a good huge about of database over the years of being active in the industry. The advantage of internet ensures that all sorts of relevant information which can prove to be useful for the recruiter are available just at one click.


No matter how experienced, qualified and deserving a candidate is, they require a certain level of training before they come on-board with any company or organization. The candidate is been given basic training before they can join the company and also come in sight of placement consultants. Many companies are outsourcing their recruitment process to placement consultants which guarantee a quality to recruitment agencies and provide a value for money options.

Facts about the Best Recruiting and Placement Agency in India

More Industry Information

Company willing to gain valuable knowledge about any experience and potential candidates with a certain industry standard can get in with the right recruitment agency. A majority of them specializes in many areas of recruitment and is the best source of information about the employment industry.

Help Candidates with Interview

The main responsibility of a recruitment agency does not end just by shortlisting the best candidates depending on the vacant positions. The placement organizations help in improving the interview skills.

This is done to get down overall time of recruitment. Some agency also offers mock interviews so that candidates can appear for an interview with much more confidence.

Best way to Hire Best Talent

Once you approach any recruiting agency or company in India the main focus of thee agencies is to find the most skilled candidates for your organization. These agencies are the best option if you don’t want to waste time doing the very initial screening and conducting early interviews which include going through a number of CVs.

Placement agency pay attention to candidates and companies

There has been a recent increase in the number of recruitment and placement companies which indicates that both companies and candidates can make equal use of the services offered by these agencies.

There has been a shortage of skilled professionals but also very few job opportunities. If you are looking out for something which is best for your organization reach out to RTCS and get the right job seekers.

RTCS is the Best HR services providers offering great employee background verification and screening option. We offer great service with all valuable inputs to get the most desirable candidates for your organization.

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