Steps to Approach a Staffing and Payroll Services Consultant

Staffing and Payroll Services Consultant in Ahmedabad

A good staff and Payroll services consultant should be experienced in souring talent and filling job orders. Depending on the needs of the organization you can approach a good staffing and payroll services.

We have listed down some important points to be considered to approach staffing and payroll service consultant.

  1. Decide on your staffing niche and stick to it

Starting an I.T. staffing firm because you’ve heard the margins are high but know nothing about I.T., is not the right route to take. Clients want a service provider that understands the specific skill set they need to stick to what you know.  

Location is everything. Before you open your doors just because it’s close to home, ensure you have checked out the area. Who’s your competition? Are candidate’s accessible? Is there a good size client base in the area? Do some research in order to align your business goals with reality?   

    2. Obtain great legal counsel that knows to staff

A large chunk of investment for new staffing agencies is getting the legal advice to ensure due diligence when it comes to the paperwork for clients and candidates.

Ensure the legal counsel you seek out understands staffing and the provincial legislation that pertains to it. Documentation required for temp staffing agency start-ups will include Employment Agreements, Termination, and Layoff Clauses, a Disciplinary Policy, a Health & Safety Policy, A Workplace Violence, and Harassment Policy, and a Service Agreement for clients.

   3. Secure payroll financing

Many start-up temp agencies don’t realize they are responsible to pay temp workers out of pocket while they wait for their clients to pay – which are usually around 45 or 60 days past the invoice date.

Securing the financing for payroll can be possibly the single most important step in securing the success of your startup staffing firm. Start-ups with a healthy cash flow are fit for survival.

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   4. Secure insurance

Many clients’ want proof that you have a certain level of insurance should a temp worker cause damage while working on their site.

Securing affordable insurance that meets your clients’ needs is imperative and can be costly.  Ensure you talk to an insurance company that understands staffing so when you need it, you are covered for every type of scenario.

   5. Get an applicant tracking system

How will you track applications, testing, and certificates for candidates?  How will you keep track of your client calls? You may be able to utilize Microsoft office in the beginning but soon you will need something more robust geared to staffing to ensure efficiency.

Make sure you research the tools available including their cost, support, and functionality. Starting a temp staffing agency is hard work but well worth the effort if you love the industry.

Start-up employment agencies found to have effectively managed the above-noted items from the get-go are those that see the quickest success with the fewer bumps and bruises along the way.

Real-Time Corporate Solutions provides everything a start-up staffing agency needs to be a success; unlimited payroll financing, in-house legal expertise, compliant templates for candidates and clients, payroll administration, credit & collections department and an award-winning applicant tracking system.

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